Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well today was a full day. I think I forgot to mention that our site is about an hour bus ride (longer depending on traffic and wait time) away from where we are staying. Sometimes we get so sit all the way and sometimes we stand just depends on how full the bus is. We left here this morning at 9:00 and arrived about 10:30. We then were able to stay and work in the camp for about 5 hours. We played soccer, basketball, did dramas, balloons, sang songs, and told Bible stories. We had well over 100 kids today. They loved playing with us and those that could used us to practice their English.

We have 3 more days. Pray that their will be some opportunities to share the gospel. The parents are often there much of the day as well so we can share with them to. Also pray that as we are being the hands and feet of Christ God's love will be revealed to them.

I have added some more pictures. The one with the bed is my room (and typical of all the rooms). And did I mention no AC? It's all good though as we are mainly in here to sleep and by the time we get to bed it doesn't matter what temperature it is as everyone is so tired after a full day! All is well and thanks for the comments I have been sharing them with the group.


  1. Great pictures!! Praying for you guys and loving hearing how God is at work in and through each of you! Praying for opportunities for the gospel to be shared. May God continue to provide you with strength, endurance and pure joy for your obedience and willingness to be the hands and feet of Christ this week. You guys are planting seeds that will forever impact these families!! How awesome is it to be a part of God's work!!!!!

  2. Praying that God will continue to use everyone in a mighty way, hope you are all doing well!

  3. From: Linda Bidez
    Praying that you will see everyone you encounter with God's eyes and heart. Linda

  4. I am enjoying keeping up with yall through the blog and It's awesome to see you being used by God. I am looking forward to seeing you all when you get back and hearing your stories. Miss you all and praying for you.