Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well today was our last day at our work site. There were many sad American students and also many sad people in the camp that hated to see us leave. All it all it was a great few days of ministering. The Gospel was shared through drama, one on one (or group), and through our time and fellowship. I had the opportunity with one of our translators today to share with 5 men at the camp for over 2 hours. It looks like the JW's (jehova's witness) have been in the camp a few times as well and really caused a lot of confusion. So we spent some time answering questions and then flat out sharing the Gospel. It was a great opportunity to share but with these folks being so poor they feel like they have to steal and beg for $ to make it and since they know that is wrong it makes it tougher for them to want to accept Christ as they know what the right thing to do is. we of course walked through this with them and they understood as best as possible. Tim (pictured below by himself) is the IMB missionary here and will be following up.

We are now about to head to worship the dinner. Then we will be back to pack and go to sleep. We will leave in the morning at 5:30a.m. (Rome time) to catch our flight. Therefore this will probably be the last time I blog before we get home. And just a reminder parents (or whoever is picking up your student) be sure and be on time and you can also check the flight online to make sure it is on time. But again please be on time as you can imagine we are all tired (Good Tired) and ready to be home!

Oh and I also blogged a second time on Wed (after the Coliseum and Paul's prison so be sure to check that out).

Praise be to GOD for HE has done great things!


  1. Praise the Lord for all He has done in and through each of you!! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!! Praying for traveling mercies! Love each of you!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more. Great pics. Praying for safe travel. Love you all!

  3. Love these pictures! Love that God has used you so much! Anxious for your return!