Thursday, July 14, 2011

BLUME 2011

We are having an incredible time here in Orlando, FL at BLUME 2011, formerly known as the National Acteens Conference. We arrived yesterday (sorry for the delay in updating, there were some connection issues) and have had a packed schedule. We had an amazing worship time last night and heard from North American Missionaries. We were able to meet the lady that started the first National Acteens Conference as a college student, that was pretty cool. Also, we have worship leader Cindy Johnson who has been great and guest speaker Chandra Peele. Chandra is an author of some very good books for teen girls. If you have never heard of her I encourage you to check out her books. Today has been packed with conferences, break out sessions and Bible study. Some of these have taught us more about Missions and God's command to go out and share the gospel. While others have challenged us to grow in our faith and be REAL. I mean you can't share what you don't have, and you can't be passionate about someone you don't know!! If you want to see the world through GOD'S eyes you have to get into the word so you will know what He sees!! Coolest thing so far was getting to write our name on a canvas respresenting the tree of life. How humbling and awesome!!The girls are all doing well and having a great time. Only one complaint "There is not enough time to go to EVERY session and the sessions are so good they don't want to choose". That is a great problem to have!! Thank you all so much for following us, praying for us and sending us encouragement. We are truly blessed to be here to learn more about Missions, ourselves and a passion and desire to be part of God's plan!! We are heading to worship now, and then a concert by the group Story. Tomorrow we go to Epcot to the YES program this is an educational program to help us learn about others around the world. Pray for safety and as you might have guessed it is HOT so pray for health. There are 2300 girls + leaders here from all over the US. So pray that everywhere we go, everyone we see will see Christ in us!!

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