Sunday, April 4, 2010

Texas Day 3

Today was a great day as of course we were able to celebrate that our GOD LIVES!!! We had a great worship time at one of the local churches here and also joined the youth group for SS. We then came back and had lunch and then took a tour of the camp and saw some of the things we were going to be doing this week along with trying out a few things on the low ropes course. We also were introudced to a new type of dodgeball game that you will see in the pictures. We are about to have dinner and then have some free time along with a share time before we head to bed! Remember if you want to make any comments you will need to create an account which is free and easy!


  1. Great pictures, thanks for taking the time to keep us updated and allowing us to see what is going on. Hope everyone had a blessed day. Praying for you guys as you begin working tomorrow. Love & Prayers!

  2. So thankful you made it safely! Love the pics! Praying for you all as you begin to work/serve/minister! Praying for safety and a spirit of unity among the group! Love y'all!

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Not to create envy, of course, but we had the Cowboy Church at Harp's last night with the Akins and the Open Range Church. Such a neat Easter evening service.

    You're in our prayers daily.


    Melanie for the McBrides