Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Texas Day 6

Well today was a "free day." Some were able to sleep in a little late and then we headed to the zip line. That was a lot of fun. Everyone has a lot of good pictures and vidoe from that. We then ate lunch and had a mini birthday party for Landon before heading back out. We then rode on the kayak's and let's just say some people got wet. Then before heading to clean up for dinner, we played a little paintball!!!! After cleaning up for dinner we went to a place called tha Oasis. It was the biggest restaurant we have ever seen and it overlooked Lake Travis. The view was amazing as the sun set. Now off to bed before our last day of work tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful pictures of the sunset! Looks like you guys had lots of FUN! Praying for you all as you finish up working tomorrow and prepare to head home. Thanks again to you, Lisa, Jim and Jamie for leading out on this trip. I know that the work you guys are doing there is a great blessing to the camp. Thanks for setting a great example of service to our students!! Love & Prayers

  2. Looks like everything is going well. I have been praying for all and will be praying as you begin your trip home. God is ALWAYS GOOD!

  3. Looks like you all have had a week full of hard work and some adventure! I know the Bogg's and HL Camp appreciates everything ya'll have done and that it will be a blessing to all who come there! You are in our prayers as you finish up and journey home. Jamie Hammond