Monday, April 5, 2010

Texas Day 4

Today was a beautiful day. It was cloudy but nice and breezy this morning and then the sun broke through this afternoon. We had several different teams of people today. One was building a bridge at the low ropes course, one was painting, and one was clearing out some brush and cutting down trees for a climbing wall. Now we are about to eat and then have our Bible study (Going through James while here, then have fellowship time and of course watch Duke vs. Butler for all who want! I have put some pics up from today and also a pic of the high ropes course we are doing on Wed.


  1. IN CASE YOU DID NOT KNOW THE PICTURE OF LANDON IS MY FAVORITE PICTURE! Looks like all is going great and we are praying for ya'll.

  2. Great game!!!! I almost always pull for Coach K, but having Butler win would not have hurt my feelings either. That's probably the closest final I've seen in years, like back to the 80s...

    Praying you'll get some good rest tonight.

    Melanie McBride

  3. Thanks for the update. Great pictures, and yes the one of Landon is my favorite too :-). Glad to hear all is well and that you guys are staying busy and getting lots done. Praying for you guys! Love ya!

  4. Glad my little buddy had a great birthday with cake and ice cream! Continuing to pray for the team as you get the camp ready for the summer. Sounds like the weather has been good.

    Before we even get out of the bed in the morning God has already arranged the events of our day. Everyday provides many opportunities for us to learn and grow closer to Him.God is teaching me that In HIS PRESENCE is fullness of joy. I love each of you and praying for you by name. Make sure your whole group feels connected and loved and make alot of good memories!!!!