Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sitting here and listening to the birds sing away outside. It reminds me that this is the day that the Lord has made but also as scriputre tells us if he cares about the bird and sees that it gets fed how much more does he care and love his children.
Tomorrow is Sunday and of course "church day." I don't want to do church like "normal" anymore as we prayed Wed. night. I want to come expecting God to do great things; come having prayed for our other brothers and sisters; come expecting someone to meet God for the first time; and also to be encouraged. What about you? Why will you get up and go to church tomorrow? Because you are supposed to; that's what you have always done; or you might get yelled at if you don't. Even if those are your reasons at least you are there. But how great would it be for God's church to come expecting to encounter God and to be changed. To be there because we need HIM and other brothers and sisters. To come with an expectation of looking to see what God will do. If you think about it we should not only look at Sunday this way but everyday. What are you believing God for? Do you need a fresh enounter? Do you need to see HIM? Do you need HIM more than food and water? I am learning more and more everyday that I do. What about you?

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