Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 4

Well today was our first full day of work. We worked on the low ropes course by spreading out dirt down the trail that leads to the course along with putting railroad ties so that it would stay and not be washed out. We lined the sides of the trail with rocks as well. Some of the team made signs that tell what each station is on the low ropes course while others raked debris and also picked up trash around the area. So a very busy and successful day! We just finished dinner and are then going to have a devotion time. Attached are some pics from the day! Heard the weather back home is crazy and maybe even some snow. Here high of 76 tomorrow and 84 Wednesday :) Hope you have a good night.


  1. Great job guys (and gals)! Looks good! Praying for each of you! Enjoy the warmth! I'm in South Georgia and it's supposed to freeze tonight. Just talked to a friend in Fayetteville and Jenna in Athens and both said they've seen snow flurries! Bring some sunshine and warm weather back with you please!

  2. Thanks Michelle for the prayers. We are about to head to devotion and I will share with them what your wrote. Have a great night