Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 5

Today was another productive day. We did a lot from staining beds, spreading mulch, building a small pavilion, painting, and working some more on the trails at the low ropes course. Everyone is doing well. It is really nice down here and sunny so we are having to load up on the sun screen :) We are now headed to our devotion and then off to Paul and Evonne's for ice cream. Here is the link to the camp we are working at if you want to find our more about it. http://www.highlandlakescamp.org/


  1. Chris,
    Thank you for keeping us updated on the work. We are praying for each of you and the work the team is doing. I know today is your free time, I encourage everyone to look for ways that God can use them as you guys are out and about.
    Thank you again for spending your time keeping us updated. We appreciate you and your leadership!

  2. Thanks Patty glad I can do it. We changed our free day to tomorrow so that is what we are doing tomorrow. hope you guys have a good night.