Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We Often Have it Backwards!!!

We(me included) Often Have it Backwards!!!!

Our friend has hurt our feelings, our SS teacher said something that made us mad, someone did something or said something you would have never thought they would, your teacher is not being “fair,” your parents in your eyes expect way to much out of you than you think they should, and I am sure you can think of more. With these and others what is the usual process that happens as we deal with such things. Let me take a shot at it as I see it often.

1) First we get so mad and fuming we can hardly think. The problem consumes us making us ineffective and quite frankly a jerk to those that come in contact with us.
2) As we are fuming we begin to tell our closest friends what happened and begin to gossip about it and put little hints on facebook to let people know what’s going on so they know why we are mad and so we can gain sympathy.
3) Then when we are at church or out wherever we get with our friends that know what’s going on and secretly talk about it and maybe laugh and if it deals with someone else we laugh about that person not realizing all the people we have now brought into this situation.
4) You or your friends come up with a game plan on how to fix the situation, however often not wanting a solution because we want to be mad or frustrated. We want to waive our flag of self pity and continue to fume.
5) In the end what happens is often not good. Maybe a blow up ensues with the person that hurt you or you are mad at. And maybe you don’t talk for weeks or more or you don’t acknowledge that the person even exists.
6) In the end nothing good has come out of it. Just another situation where you became angry, gossiped, fumed, and now has a fractured relationship with your parents, friend, enemies, or whoever.

May I suggest whatever is going on in your life and whatever is happening as you read this right now, that you STOP AND PRAY FOR THE SITUATION AND THE PERSON YOU ARE DEALING WITH. Why is it prayer is often the last thing we do when Jesus told us it was the first thing to do? Why do we not pray for our friends, family, church, youth group, lost friends etc? Whatever you are dealing with STOP AND PRAY NOW. Not just once but often. Remember God’s promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 that if we humble, PRAY, seek and turn, then he would hear, heal, and forgive. I want to become a person who is praying for God to do what only he can do, to fix relationships only he can fix, to save only those he can save, and do use us…. What about you? Would you join me in praying big and expect God to answer and not give up until HE does? If so start now!!!! I would also challenge you to join us on Monday’s at 7:15 in the youth room for a time of prayer. Any excuse will do I know but do you want it?

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  1. I agree 100%. Our TIME and our WORDS are something that we cannot take back, so make every word count for the KINGDOM How are you using your TIME? I have been convicted about this myself and want to bring GLORY and HONOR snd PRAISE to every word that comes out of my mouth.How are you spending your time?