Monday, March 8, 2010

KNOCK the ME out of ME

This past week I heard Bill Stafford say "God wants to knock the me out of me." How true is that. When we look at God's Word we are told daily to die to ourself. God tells us it is no longer us living but Him living through us. But the struggle is for us to daily yield to Him. We have to die to ourself. We know God's word says to offer our bodies as living sacrifices however the problem is that the bodies are living meaning we have the tendancy to walk away. I want to be a living sacrifice always giving myself to Christ so it is Him living, not me. I want to wake up with the prayer, "God live through me today, may all you are take over who I am and may others only see Christ." But it's a constant state of dying. It doesn't just happen before we go to school or work but constantly dying to ourself. What about you, do you want Him to CONTINIOUSLY live through you? What steps are you taking to die to SELF?

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