Monday, July 20, 2009

Chattanooga - Day 3

Today has been a long, but GOOD day!!! We are all tired, but it is a good tired!!
We all had a full work day today and we did everything from painting, pressure washing, yard work, cleaning out utility sheds etc... The weather was beautiful all day and PTL for cooler temperatures. We had an incredible worship and youth devotion tonight, I think all of the students shared one or more things with the group. Please continue to pray for the team as God is really working on them as well as us!!
I have posted a few more pictures, but I can not get pictures of all the students so we decided as a group tonight that they are all taking pictures at their individual jobs and we will combine them when we get home onto a disc, so you will have to wait for the "action" shots :-) !!


  1. So glad things are going well and the weather is good. Praying for another great day. Patty, you and Marcus along with Angela are incredible. I am thankful for adults who have a heart to serve and to lead others to do so!!!

  2. Sounds like the teams have plenty of project work to keep you busy the entire week! I know the home owners will receive a blessing from your hard work and will remember it (and you) long after the teams are gone.