Saturday, February 14, 2009

Harp's Blog and How to

I will begin using this starting Monday night to update how things are going with the Gatlinburg trip and also will use it in the future with other trips. I hope to post every night (late) starting Monday and if time allows will also post pics and videos of the worship services and of fellowship. If you would like to leave a comment feel free to do so. Any comments left that let's you know you are praying for us, encouraging word etc. I will seek to read to the students the next morning.

Most everyone will need a google account to comment. So at the top of this page click "sign in" and then "sign in" again. Near the middle, right of the page it will allow you to create an account, do this. You can use your current email address. After you have created your account go back to the harps youth blog spot page and then sign in. After this click "comment". Then type you comment and be sure to use "google account". When done click "preview" and the "post."

Chris Watson


  1. This is my first Blog!! Hope I'm doing it right. Thanks Chris for setting this up. I'm excited about this trip for all three of our kids. Mary Jane

  2. I know that God has a plan for this trip. I pray that each one of the kids will focus on what God is trying to tell them.

  3. My prayer is that these students will get as much, if not more, out of the youth group and ski trip than I did being a part of the youth group ten years ago. How incredible it is that God has used the Harp's Crossing youth group to minister to so many people over the years. I pray that each one of the students realize they are a part of a bigger plan than they can even comprehend!

  4. Thank you to all the Watsons and the chaperones on this trip. Bart and I have been in prayer the whole time for each and every one of you guys on this trip. I know God will do mights things!!

  5. I meant to say "mighty" things!!